September 2007 calendar Let’s have a little recap, here.

Six days ago, I got this bright idea that I’d like to shape up a bit — scared by that Mom Jeans video, I suspect — so I decided to follow a 4-Week Walk for Weight Loss that I found at

I’ve lost 2½ pounds already!

And I know for a fact that the weight loss would have been even greater if I’d followed walking-pal Neena’s self-hypnosis advice:

Repeat after me – “I’d rather eat broccoli than chocolate, I’d rather eat broccoli than chocolate….”

Today’s walk is a longer one than I’ve done so far (45 to 60 minutes, whatever you can give it) but here’s the good news — the pace is quite easy.

Day 6:
5 minute warm-up
35 – 50 minutes at level 6
5 minute cool-down

It’s a matter of walking briskly but not uncomfortably fast, just trying to maintain a level 6 on that exercise intensity scale we learned about back at the beginning.

Remember, this is a personalized walking program, based on the walker’s own starting fitness levels and the goal you’d like to reach.

Your details may vary from mine.

Two minutes at will give you the exact times and intensities that you, personally, should be aiming for… as well as helpful tips for losing weight most effectively while staying injury-free.

Water, Water, Everywhere

Yesterday I mentioned having the idea that I wasn’t drinking enough water, and that plain old ordinary thirst (dehydration, even) might be what’s coming out as a craving for sweets… and, by coincidence, that’s what the Prevention coaches are on about for today.

I was talking to Armel, my chef pal, on the phone this morning and he suggested mixing up a batch of Crystal Light drink crystals if I’m finding it too boring to chug down a couple of liters of plain water each day. He knows what he’s talking about — those restaurant kitchens are very hot, so staying hydrated during a working day is one of Armel’s priorities.

For a hot drink on an autumn evening, you might prefer to choose a green tea or herb tea, if you like. There are so many varieties to choose from, no need to get bored with the same old drink every time.

The point is, you can drink water without sticking to water alone — any water-based beverage that isn’t loaded with sugar or caffeine will help to keep you properly hydrated and functioning well.

Skip the sports drinks, however, say the Prevention gurus — we’re not working out quite that hard, here, so we don’t need to be drinking any extra calories!

Read the whole 4-Week Walk series!

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  1. domestika

    Right on! And, at the very least, a fridge sign like that would give a good chuckle at midnight when I’m sneaking back for the leftover cheesecake… ;)

  2. Sharon

    That’s so fantastic! I think I’ll print out a larger version of “I’d rather eat brocolli” and paste it on my fridge for additional motivation.

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