When I got word this morning of this brand-new freebie, you can bet I grabbed a copy for myself right away. It’s not only free and beautiful and helpful, it’s downright inspiring! I hadn’t visited the MoPlants website before, for some reason, but I’ve sure got her bookmarked now!

Holiday Gifts & Decorating Ideas is the third free eBook release in the MoPlants Garden Guides series. A shorter fully illustrated idea book helps gardeners, and crafters save money and return to the art of making holiday decorations with materials from nature.

Palm Springs, California (PRWEB) November 7, 2006 — MoPress (www.moplants.com) is the electronic imprint for national gardening authority and host of DIY Network’s Weekend Gardening show, Maureen “Mo” Gilmer. Holiday Gifts & Decorating Ideas from the Crafter’s Garden will be irresistible to anyone looking to shop less and find more natural ways to enjoy the holiday season.

Mo was inspired to publish this beautiful free eBook by the example of American pioneers who created their gifts and decorations from what they found in their fields, gardens and wild lands.

“Centuries ago when the American pioneers celebrated the holidays, they didn’t have the luxury of shopping in stores. Their gift and decoration materials were provided by nature. This tradition of hand-crafted gifts and decorations are the inspiration for this new eBook created for you by Mo Gilmer.
MO Plants DIY Holiday Gifts & Decorating IdeasWe hope you’ll be inspired to go back-to-nature to fill your home with heart-warming, beautifully hand-crafted items that will surely add that special touch and your signature to the holidays. ”

The illustrated book begins with the basics of creating wreaths, swags and garlands from fresh-cut twigs and evergreens. Ideas for plant materials include pine cones, seed pods and berries for decoration. Details on gathering from the wild reveal how to make holiday décor dirt cheap or free.

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“I believe some of the most treasured gifts are handmade. There are a variety of gift ideas using herbs straight from your garden. Their fragrance and culinary value make these time-honored craft projects a most welcome gift,” says Mo.

The book offers simple instructions on how to make an herb swag to hang in the kitchen, and how to sew simple cheesecloth sachets of dried herb seasoning blends for soups and stews. Step-by-step recipes detail making herb-flavored oils and vinegars plus there’s an easy recipe for cooking up vitamin rich rose hip jam.

The last part of the book is a gardener’s guide to garden plants that provide a host of materials for future decorating use. Discover more fruitful hollies and evergreens with unique coloration that yield more creative decorations. Don’t miss Mo’s recommendations for the best holiday berry-producing shrubs and trees for your landscape.

“I truly believe we are losing the true meaning of the season with the hectic pace of the holidays. A free eBook that helps people create beautiful things at home with the free bounty of Nature means everyone, rich and poor can enjoy it. Handmade decorations and gifts are the perfect way to bring family and friends together for a more peaceful celebration during this joyous time of year.”

www.MoPlants.com is the official Web site for gardening authority Mo Gilmer, host and project designer for DIY’s Weekend Gardening show, author of 15 gardening books and Yardsmart, a column syndicated weekly by Scripps Howard News Service. She is publisher of both the MoZone blog and Mo’s Garden Guide eBooks and proprietor of the MoPlants online store.

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