Style up the sun safety with a bracelet that tells you when it’s time to grab some shade.

UV Sol Beads read the skin-damaging ultraviolet rays and change colour in response. All you have to do is pay attention to what your fashion is telling you…

The intensity of the beads’ color increases with the amount of UV exposure, and the beads will remain off-white in the absence of UV light.Watch the magic as they cycle back and forth over 50,000 times!

Now, isn’t this a surprisingly funky-fun little accessory for something invented by a science teacher?!

At just $4.95, this would be a terrific little gift for guests at your child’s next birthday party, but there are bracelet designs to suit both males and females of any age. Hang one off your belt, your bike’s handlebars, even golf bag, if you’re not into wearing beads…

A portion of the profits from UV SolBeads goes to organizations that help promote keeping skin healthy, including the Skin Cancer Foundation.

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