ceramic table lampsA London-trained Brazilian ceramic artist, designer Flavia del Pra creates work-of-art table lamps that make me want to grab a whole armful of made-to-order ceramic gorgeousness. Funky? This designer almost defines the word funky!

From flowers and dragonflies to traditional lace and Oriental forms, a lamp by Flavia del Pra is a one-off piece of art that is fresh and original and the colourful lampshades add a flamboyant flourish to her designs.

I think what makes Flavia’s lamps work so beautifully for my aesthetic is the play of straight-lined shade against curvy vase-like base, the delightful contrast of almost architectural forms in fine balance with wild gypsy prints and colours.

Found ’em at Bodie and Fou for about £300 more than I myself am ever going to pay for a table lamp… but even a thrifty girl can look and dream, right?

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  1. Pinhole

    Okay, none of those would even fit the non-decor in my house, and I have a cartoon egg hanging on the wall…outside of the picture frame.

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