For a drop-dead-gorgeous family room, there’s any number of ways a spendy type could drop a few thousand without pausing for coffee… You could splash out on a flat-screen TV, for example, and pretend it’s modern wall art.

furniture follies tv cabinet Or… you could tuck that traditional chunky-style TV set away in an amazing beech and mahogany cabinet that looks like a miniature building.

This is my original cupboard, inspired by a conversation with a friend who liked the look of dolls houses but wasn’t interested in the interior layout and all the scale furniture to go with it, and who often commented on how ugly the television set was, considering its prominent position in the room.

Patrick Owen (the craftsman behind Furniture Follies) says he’s looking at ideas for incorporating other materials — mosaic, for example, or marble and natural stone patterns — into the highly original cabinets. honfleur cupboard

I love the use of stained glass in the terrace of row houses that are his Kitchen Cabinets, and the chimney-pot detail on the Honfleur Cupboard.

Ah, these cabinets are going to turn up in my dreams!

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