When you’ve worn yourself out with sashaying around the garden, just smelling the roses, but now it’s time for some serious weeding work… here’s the gear:

This 5pc. Gardening Tools with Folding Chair is just that — folding chair made of polyester canvas with five steel gardening tools with wooden handles. Storage tote may also be detached.

Includes a trowel, a weeder, and hand-held versions of the essential spade, rake, and garden fork. $37.95 at Wrapables.

Get your money’s worth, I say —
Slip out the gardening tools and you’ve got a handy tote-and-folding stool set to take along to those outdoor festivals and concerts… Carry your snackables in the tote bag, and perch on the stool when you’re ready for lunch!

Of course, someone might mistake those garden-tool pockets for ammunition holders, sort of like the garden-tote version of a bandolier, all tough and Saving Private Ryan? Ah, put a lovely daisy in each compartment… or your picnic utensils!

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  1. Ken MacKeigan

    From looking at the picture, the weeding tool would seem to be in the position to perform an impromptu vasectomy if one weren’t careful.

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