Learn How to Knit:

Knitting Help offers 150 free knitting videos, including basic techniques for learning to knit: casting on stitches, knit and purl, increase, decrease, binding off (or castng off) and more…

They also offer quite a library of free knitting patterns for beginners as well as those with more advanced skills.

Luxe Art Yarn Large Needles + Fancy Yarn

“Ironically, simple knit or crochet stitches on big needles look fantastic in fancier yarns, because the yarn can do all the work for you,” says Natasha, she of the Luxe Yarn.

A simple knitting pattern and a pair of large needles means the project will go quickly, too — always encouraging, when you’re getting into a new craft for the first time!

free pattern for easy knitted preemie baby cap Knitting for Newborns

Maybe you’ve heard that charities and hospitals all over the world need an endless supply of tiny warm hats hats for premature newborn babies? Or maybe you’re expecting a “new arrival” of your own and getting the nesting instinct?

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The BBC’s Sideways Knitted Baby Cap pattern is free, and it’s quick and easy for even a newbie knitter.

interesting knitted projects - Victoria & Albert
Knitting Ideas and Inspiration

The Victoria & Albert Museum has a fabulous “online exhibition” (under Fashion, Jewellery and Accessories” section, all about knitting.

For inspiration, read other people’s stories of learning to knit and get inspired by the knitted works on view — or post your own to show and share. (Tip: check out all the wonderful free knitting patterns from the 1940s!)

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