Making a few last-minute plans for Mother’s Day on Sunday, I just came across a list of cheap-but-meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas from Sharon the Frugal Duchess. Check this idea:

Find a copy of a book your mom read with you when you were a child. Record your voice or a voice of a child reading the book. When I was little my mom read a book with me about Tip the Dog. I was about four and we were reading the book in our old house in Philadelphia. We were sitting near a radiator on the second floor. It was cold outside, but our house was warm. That’s how I learned to read.

It’s part of a list, as I say — and I also like the idea of a homemade calendar, personalized with special memories of Mom for various dates through the year — but there’s something about the image of mother and child sharing a much-loved book…

And if you can get a third generation in on making the Mother’s Day gift for Granny, even more meaningful and special!

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