Okay, so this is a little too small for a proper stash / trinket box. I don’t care, it’s worth a little rave about it anyway! (My Yorkshire penpal Lynn (who just emailed me the link) is clearly hinting for an early birthday gift… ahem!)

This little box is all kinds of gold. The top of the box is covered with a gold textured paper with beaded wallcovering and glass tile forming a pattern in the center. The bottom of the box is covered with an ivory paper with small gold studs that form a subtle leafy abstract pattern. The inside of both top and bottom is painted dark gold.

The tiny elegant gold box is 1½” in overall height, and 2½” square at the widest part of the lid, with an opening of 2¼” — not really large enough for hiding your billets-doux or the credit card receipts from that last shoe-shopping spree, but perfect for a piece of precious jewellery or some other small treasure.

By artist Erin Sibley, who peddles her decoupage as ergodesign on Etsy and Lov.Li.

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  1. domestika

    Hi Diana, thanks for dropping by! I’m fascinated by your acrylic-and-bead-painting pictures, especially the Great Blue Heron – I really must write you up soon!

  2. The Lone Beader

    This is cute and useful! I love it.

    Also, thank you for your comment today. I’m so glad U found me=:)

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