I don’t pretend to understand how this Magic Garden kit works, but isn’t it wonderful?
Little pink trees!

Clearly, the Magic Garden-growing kit is one of those $5 items you really need to have tucked away for a child-related crisis…

You know, like when Little Ophelia forgets to give advance notice of her best friend’s birthday on Friday… or when you can’t take Little Sebastien to the carnival as you promised because you’ve broken both legs in a tragic stair-dusting incident…


Jessica Jones picked up a Magic Garden kit for just that sort of purpose (so she says), but couldn’t resist trying the crystal science magic art mojo for herself!

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And it’s easy to see why.

Great Kit — How Can We Mess With It?

This whole Magic Garden thing has lots of potential for customizing the kit. Want to bet that we could use something like this to make a unique fantasy piece for a tabletop vignette or centrepiece?

From the picture of the kit, it looks like the coloured crystals are grown on some props in tree and mountain shapes, possibly made of a dense foam material? (I believe that it would need to be some absorbant material, if ancient memories of school science classes are correct.) We might also try chips of old brick, in that case, or bits of sponge or whatever was lying around…

And couldn’t a person could grow a gorgeous crystal garden in, oh, a plastic goblet salvaged from a wedding reception, or something like that? — can you just imagine? Nice touch for decorating the tables at another wedding reception.

Of course, a person might be well-advised to practice their crystal-growing tricks just a little bit first… but you don’t need me to tell you that. We’ve all seen what happens to the bride when something on her Big Day goes the slightest bit off-track, and it’s way less pretty than a Magic Garden!

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  1. domestika

    Oh, Neena, of course – like blotting paper! That makes perfect sense – and it would be so much easier to do stuff with that. Or a heavy handmade paper, something really porous with some heft to it. You’ve got me thinking…

  2. Neena

    As the memories come back, I believe that trees and mountain are actually made of a type of heavy construction paper, not a dense foam.

  3. domestika

    Neena, that’s so cool to have a firsthand report! I love these magic-science-art kits, but I can never resist trying to find some way to “colour outside the lines” with all the bits and pieces!

  4. Neena

    Wow – this brings back memories. My son received this exact same kit as a birthday present from one of his classmates a few years ago when he was in first grade. It was quite interesting. You offer a unique perspective to this project – hmmm, centerpiece. It definitely has potential.

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