Today’s guest post comes from Authority Blogger Chris Garrett, who opened the door and promptly got pounced upon! No, truly, I felt the poor hard-working man really needed a friendly space in which to offload a bit of stress from his family’s recent move to a new house. And perhaps we can all learn from Chris’ tips for a “moving experience”… ~ Jen

5 Tips For a Less Stressful Moving House Experience

We just moved house and while the new place is wonderful, the moving experience itself was not.

Here are my top 5 tips for a more relaxed move:

  1. Make sure you have backup plans
    If you leave anything to chance you can pretty much be sure it will go wrong in all the worst ways. As well as moving house we had a cat with a broken leg and a small child with a sickness bug to contend with. On top of all that I work from home but couldn’t because our old line was disconnected early while the new line was fitted with a fault.   Make sure you have plan B, C and for good measure Z   ;)  
  2. Use professional movers OR over-recruit on the help
    We had three hours to move and only two able-bodied men to do the lifting. Somehow we did it but the stress would have been half with double the time or double the people. Even better a professional crew who just knew how to do everything efficiently.
  3. Do not throw every bit of clutter away; some of it might come in handy
    Portable televisions, old style telephones, camping equipment. You name it. We threw out and gave to charity perfectly good rugs only to find a lot of our flooring won’t be fitted for two weeks.
  4. Plan your day as best you can
    You don’t want people tripping over each other. We had a guy trying to fit satellite television while another gang was trying to lay carpet, not good!
  5. Keep essentials close
    A lot of stress can be saved if you can lay your hand on what you need without hunting for it. Everything from milk and kettle through to power tools. Don’t throw everything into boxes without at least marking what it is, where it should go and how.

This was our third house but we had made all the same mistakes as before. I’m ashamed to say one of my professional skills is supposedly project management! I hope you can learn the lessons it took us so many mishaps to finally grasp.

Do you have any house moving tips to make the whole thing less stressful?
Please share in the comments …

This post was written by Chris Garrett a professional blogger and internet marketing consultant from the UK.

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  1. Jonny Rosemont

    I second the Moveme suggestion, it rocks.

  2. John W. Furst

    Hello! I am living on the third continent now. Europe -> North America -> Europe -> Africa. On my last move together with my wife, we did not leave anything behind. We moved everything (except furniture) ke that so far) or gave it away. Our rule: 2.5 cubic meter (~ 75 cubic feet) of stuff per person, you don;t need more, believe me). — John

  3. Lindsay

    When i moved home i used – it helped me plan my move, and provided me with pre-filled change of address letter, discounts on removals etc. Helped so much to get me a (almost) stress free move!

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