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You know how all the Diet Guru guys try to tell us that a nice crunchy raw carrot will take care of those crunchy-snack cravings? Anyone with a potato chip addiction knows how totally full of it those Carrot Pushers are!

Sorry, you spandex shysters, but when it’s carbs that this girl is craving… well, carbs it has got to be!

So, I really need to say “Thank You!” to Nabisco. (This may be a first.) If any snack food stands a chance of competing with my lifelong chip addiction, it could be their new Garden Harvest toasted whole-grain-and-veggie chips.

Tasty? — Grab a free sample* and you’ll see!

garden harvest toasted chip He Who Hogs the Power Tools (I’ve spoken of him from time to time) jumped onto the Banana chips as soon as the samples arrived, and hogged most of the package. (Guess who has the “sweet tooth” in this household!) The few that I managed to wrestle away were all toasty-sweet and almost like eating some really crunchy banana-based cookie.

Not at all cracker-like, and not as overly-sweet as those dried banana chips we used to get to put in the homemade trail mix. And it definitely didn’t taste like eating a fibre-rich ½-serving of fruit, I know that. Lovely with a cup of tea for a mid-afternoon energy boost, I’m thinking…

But the Vegetable Medley flavour?
Ooh, a Caesar-lover’s dream!

Just a bit of a spicy nip to wake up the taste buds, and that complex multi-veggie flavour I associate with a good home-made vegetable soup. Or possibly a chilled Bloody Caesar in a tall glass on a patio, a plate of fine cheese at my elbow…

No trans fats or saturated fats in these babies, either, and none of those scarey-unpronounceable items on the ingredients list — and again, one tiny little packet has loads of that whole-grain fibre and the equivalent of a ½-serving of vegetables.

And there are even carrots in there, too!
Take that, Mr. Diet Guru!

*The free samples are only offered in the USA at the moment, and for a limited time only. So if you’re American, you might want to get right in there…

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  1. sil

    I am signing up for mine too! thanks!

  2. domestika

    Hmmmm, yes, yes I should get something – like maybe a life-time supply of chips!

  3. Mary Emma Allen

    Jen, you should get something for promoting! I had to go grocery shopping soon after reading your post and commenting. Saw an end-of-aisle promotion for these snacks and simply had to get one. So many flavors to choose from. Maybe I’ll have to go back while they’re still on sale. And I still will be getting my free sample.

  4. domestika

    I only wish they gave free samples in those huge family-size bags, Mary Emma! Still, it’s fun to try something new without taking a risk at the grocery store, isn’t it?

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