Every room needs a focal point, something to which the eye is drawn with pleasure. Something that speaks truth about the people who make this particular house their home. Something that lifts the heart and the spirit…

hand painted tiles by Susie AlvordI’ve just discovered a ceramic-tile artist who makes the most inspirational pieces! I can almost see one of her “tile quilts” on the wall in our old farmhouse kitchen, bringing bright cheery colour to the long white Canadian winter…

Susie Alvord (a.k.a. Tile Woman) graduated from the University of Idaho with a Bachelor of Architecture degree, but architecture didn’t quite answer her need to creatively express the fun and artistic fire within her. Then a friend introduced her to the process of glazing ceramic tile, and Susie was inspired by the layering effects of the glazes and the beauty of deep, rich penetrating colours.

We’ve all seen the store-bought art tiles used in the kitchens of new “executive homes” — usually one or two patterned tiles spread about a solid-colour field of tiles, or a number of special tiles set out in a line to act as a border. But I particularly like how Susie Alvord builds one image from several tiles, and — did I mention? — I am really quite in love with her tile quilts!

Why not put a few painted tiles together for greater impact? Why not make a quilt of your own? For that matter — learn to hand-paint ceramic tiles, and make some art of your own!


I’ve found that HandPaintedTiles.org is an excellent resource for builders, designers, art-lovers and home-owners interested in hand painted tile art. As well as a directory that is described as “one of the most extensive compilations of Hand Painted Tile Artists,” the website offers loads of informative facts and resources about tile history, creation, techniques, and ideas for the imaginative use of hand painted tiles in decor and design.

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