Tuesday Cohen hand-painted toilet seat cover
Bemis hand painted toilet seat cover

This is certainly what you might call “functional art”: hand-painted toilet seats by artist Tuesday Cohen (top photo), and (secondly) from Bemis, the plumbing supply manufacturers.

When I first spotted Cohen’s bathroom beauties, while browsing the shop at Rawstyle.com, they immediately reminded me a bit of the painted wooden ironing boards that I’ve seen in a local gallery, and a bit of some wild hand-painted sinks found in a tile-maker’s workshop in central Mexico.

The Bemis version is appealing, too, compared to your basic boring white plastic or porcelain “commode cover” — but this “Santa Ana” model is as outrageous as it gets for that line, while I doubt that there’s any limit to Cohen’s imaginative expression! But wouldn’t either of these just cheer you right up on that first chilly trip to the facilities on a dark winter morning?

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