hand soap

Hand soap in the shape of little hands…

So, what do you think — too cute for words? …or just a teensy bit too Silence of the Lambs for the average powder room?

$12 gets you 10 hand-shaped pieces of goat’s milk and glycerin soap, from ½ to 2 inches in size, all packaged in a pretty gift bag. Created from molds based from dolls’ hands (clever!) by foliage.

[via DIY Maven]

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  1. Sharon

    The soap hands really do look like it. Ah, I still love them.

  2. domestika

    Chucky’s bride :D Yeah, I can see it!

  3. Sharon

    I remember those days. I had to have 4 different ones and just drove my parents really batty because, a) they were never in stock b) i was too old to have them c) and dad says they look like they could be chucky’s bride.


  4. domestika

    @Sharon, I think you’re right – Gee, I haven’t thought of Cabbage Patch dolls in years… Remember the wild riots in the stores at Christmas time, with desperate parents trying to get hold of one of the dolls?

    @Neena, yeah: hand soap should be cute — who doesn’t love a good ‘visual pun’? — but somehow they’re just a bit creepy.

    @Pinhole, dear man, you see right through me…

  5. Pinhole

    Don’t kid me…you were just looking for an excuse to google ‘body soap’, anyway.

    By the way, I finally had time to do my part for Chris Garrett’s meme. I have no idea if I responded correctly, but it works for me.

  6. Neena

    Not sure that I like this one. They’re a bit scary.

  7. Sharon

    I think they’re just so reminiscent looking of the cabbage patch dolls. Don’t you think? I had one while I was a kid, and it was kind of fun playing with the flexible fingers …..

  8. domestika

    @ Pinhole, you’re just tempting me to go googling for ‘body soap’ now, aren’t you?

    We won’t even talk about some of the anatomically correct chocolates I got a PR release email about, just last Wednesday. Suffice it to say, my email spam filters were mortified by the concept…

  9. Anne Maybus

    How unusual! What a great idea. They are sure to catch the eye, aren’t they?

  10. Pinhole

    Is there an adult section for buying body soap? Or, will I need to pick a pattern for my dish soap?

    Sorry, I’ll go wash my mouth out, now.

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