faux-finished wood burl hand-painted trunk Guild artists Ingela Noren and Daniel Grant interpret a Scandinavian folk-craft tradition of faux finishes with a fine contemporary eye… which is to say, they do some truly amazing hand-painting on wood furniture.

As taught by an old master in Stockholm, they first apply an underlayer of sealing stain or paint. They then mix pigment with a milk-based emulsion and apply that glaze with anything that suggests itself. Brushes, combs, and sponges. Fists and fingers. At the end a final varnish is applied to protect the work and impart a commanding sheen.

They’ve got a screen or two that I’m mad for, but this faux-finished wood burl trunk is exactly the kind of piece that makes me dream of chucking the day job and going off to study painting in some genius craftsman’s tiny atelier… Guild.com can have that effect, so do browse there with extreme caution!

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  1. Anne Maybus

    Wow, that is gorgeous. I love it. I also like the new feature on your blog “You might also like…..’ linking to other posts. Very clever.

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