yasmena-sport-wrist-bag.jpgGood-bye, unflattering fanny pack! Hello, spiffy little water-resistant pouch that straps onto your fingers and wrist, letting you carry your essential stuff in safety while you go gloriously hands-free. You know, when you’re out jogging or whatever…

If you’re tired of putting money in your shoes or your house keys around your neck while exercising, get a Yazzy Bag Sport… Cash, credit cards, ID, keys and even an iPod or your cell phone all can be stashed.

options for wearing a Yasmena bagThe big secret is in the stretchy handles, that let you wear the bag your own way.

As well as the affordable ($12) sports model, Yasmena does its tiny bags in glitzier glam designs for the Sex in the City girl’s night out dancing at the clubs, for brides and prom queens, for celebrities and for young fashionista-in-training…

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  1. Anna Bella

    This is just simply BRILLIANT! I must buy one!

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