Dog crate with Designer cover mattress bumpers cushionsThe plain fact is, some of us have dogs who need to have their plastic or wire kennels— for their own safety and comfort. And some dogs just loooooove their crates and refuse to give them up, no matter how much of our limited familyroom floor space that big wire kennel is taking up.

My greyhound cries to break your heart if the door to his crate is accidentally closed— he’s like a teenager, in that sometimes he wants nothing more than to hunker down in his very own “bedroom” and flip onto his back, rest his legs up against the wall, and get some serious sleep!

So, I’m thinking, why not make those dog crates really comfortable — and fit in a bit better with the room decor?

Big Dog Boutique used to carry some terrific “Dogcorum” padded bumper cushions that work just like the babycrib bumpers: they pad the lower part of the sides of the crate, so the dog can snuggle up without getting poked by wires or feeling like he’s sleeping on a dish-drainer rack! Nice choice of fabric color and prints, too.

Sadly, the Dogcorum line seems to have disappeared — which will teach me not to whip out the credit card the minute I see something so very cool! — keep an eye out for it, will you, and let me know?

But you can find some perfectly cute and slightly funky Designer Cratewear at, in the meantime.

Cratewear means covers, mattresses, bumper cushions, all your pup needs to lounge in luxury, all in coordinating fabrics… Because if a dog crate is going to be a main feature of your home decor, it might as well work with your room’s whole decorating theme, right? Bring it on — leopard print for Fido!

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