Have a Day tee shirt design submission at Threadless.com

It almost breaks my heart that this clever emoticon T-shirt doesn’t exist yet!

Have a Day is a submission by a guy called Elbeardo to the on-going T-shirt design contest over at Threadless.com — where they give away something like $2000 in cash and prizes to 4-6 lucky winners every month.

Isn’t this a great design?
So simple, and yet so… simple.

The emoticon smiley face would be a blank circle, so you can draw on the face that best expresses the kind of day you’d like others to experience — and a blank white space lets you pick your own adjective. With a washable marker, you can change your mind about your design if your day happens to take a turn for the better or worse, part way through…

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Anyone can send in a design for a chance to win, or vote on other people’s submitted designs — joining the street team is free and lets you earn points that can be cashed in to support your Threadless T-shirt habit.

Have A Day - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever And I’ll warn you now, surfing on the Threadless site gets habit-forming.

I was lurking for a while and finally grabbed a free account of my own at the end of August.

See, I’ve got an idea brewing for a submission of my own… (and aren’t you just so curious to know what it might be? Too bad, it’s not ready yet!) So far I’ve just been enjoying the fun of voting for my favourite shirt designs and leaving an occasional comment for the Threadless artists and wannabees like me.

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