Turquoise, Red and Silver Valentine Heart Spiral handpainted gift box by Paula M The search for little boxes continues…

Tonight, a fleeting heart-shaped hint on Etsy’s front page — I caught it by the merest of lucky accidents! — leads to an artist who’s new to me, Paula Manning-Lewis

Two lovely light-hearted boxes in acrylic paints on papier mache, as well as the stash-sized Red and Brown Heart Spiral trinket box in oil paints on wood. (I really like the way the lines of paint almost suggest a fantasy wood grain, counterpoint to the wood itself.)

Red and Silver Valentine Heart Spiral box by PaulaMPaulaM‘s work has a free and easy southwest feel to it, at least to me from my northern perspective — is it the flowing line, or the palette of warm clear sunrise/sunset colours?

About the artist:
Red and Brown Heart Spiral Trinket Box by Paula M OOAK

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I currently work mainly in watercolor, but I have worked with a variety of mediums. I like to paint a fairly large variety of subject matter but stick mainly to southwest landscapes, portraits and my newest fascination, abstract expressionism! Recently, my main theme has been peace.

PaulaM lives and creates in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she co-founded the Seventh Mountain Artists group.

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  1. domestika

    I’m with you on the heart love, Angela — and just paid my first visit to your blog, admiring your sense of colour and your mini art cards in particular — lots of hearts there! Maybe you need one of PaulaM’s boxes to keep them in?

  2. Angela

    Wonderful work Paula! I love hearts! No pune intended…. and all of your works including the heart in a box ones…are wonderful! YOU GOO! :)

  3. domestika

    Glad I found you, PaulaM: an artful addition to my blogroll!

  4. Paula Manning-Lewis

    How fun to stumble across your blog post about my boxes! Thank you so much for blogging about my art, I will link back to you in my blog as well!

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