Lee Broom neon mirror If British designer Lee Broom’s gothic-curvy Neo Neon art furniture isn’t inspired by a haunted mansion, I’ll eat a toad.

Chairs, cabinets, console tables and delightfully baroque vanity mirrors take on a ghost-like glow when they’re highlighted with neon lights.

I’m especially taken with the High Voltage Vanity mirror, 92cm x 141 cm (approx. 36¼” x 55½”) framed in black or white lacquer and lit with pink or white neon.

Where best to display such a mirror… perhaps in a minimalist foyer, or at the end of a long hallway where it can command the attention that’s due?

Lee Broom launched the debut line of neon art-furniture last month at the Brick Lane Gallery during the London Design Festival (which, seriously, I’d have raffled off my mother to be able to attend). Each of the Neo Neon pieces is built to order and will have a limited release of 25 worldwide, individually branded and numbered for authenticity.

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