A colourful wreath hand-sewn from sweater remnants gives an eco-friendly twist to a traditional holiday decoration, in one of the more imaginative recycling ideas of the season.

It reminds me a bit of those wreaths made with tied strips of plastic bags that I’ve mentioned before, but only in the sense of an unconventional material used to fill out the basic wire wreath armature — the sweater fabric makes these wreaths so much more warm and friendly!

And while we’re keeping old sweaters out of the landfill and turning them to a festive purpose, why not go for sweater-sewn Christmas stockings, too?

These stockings each have a tiny outside pocket to hold an extra-special small gift.

Round out the woolly winter decor with ball-shaped ornaments bound with colourful yarn — somewhere between a homemade toy for a very pampered cat, and the layer-wrapped gift balls that the Victorians so enjoyed.

All three style of decorations are found in the Eco Accents section at Viva Terra.

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  1. delia

    What a cute idea, so easy to make with scraps from other crafts and the pocket on the Xmas stocking is a good idea if someone wants to give me a ring (heehee) :)

  2. domestika

    Time? You’ve actually got some spare time on hand, Pinhole? Wow, talk about the voice of a minority, this time of year! :D

  3. Pinhole

    I wonder what sort of decoration I could make from these scraps of time I’ve been squirreling away.

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