We’re enjoying the first hints of spring, but not forgetting the furnace-oil costs of the long Canadian winter.

This is the year for a serious energy-retrofitting of this old house, we have promised ourselves — at least as far as the budget will allow! Fortunately, the federal and provincial governments are both offering financial incentives for making our home more energy efficient.

So, wWe have taken the first step — an Energy Audit of the house — which included a blower-door test (pictured) to check for air leakage in the house.

Well, that was an eye-opening experience!

I think it was all the mouse-holes in the basement that were letting the wind blow in…

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Any day now, we’re expecting the written report from the energy consultant, which will give us an idea of how our house ranks in terms of energy use and which areas we need to give our most immediate attention to help keep the heat in!

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  1. Doug

    You may want to take a look at the artic too. I think most leakages occur thru the artic. When I worked at a air conditioning company in Houston years ago, I used to inspect artic’s insulation condition whenever there was a complain claiming the air machine was not strong enough.

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