free pattern for crochet peace doves - Hope's Birds Akua Lezli Hope’s dainty crocheted birds — peace doves — were inspired by the TikkunTree project, “a community knittivist art project” to create a giant peace tree, to spread public awareness about the continued hostilities in the mid-east, and to support the livelihood of West Bank shepherds by encouraging the use of Peace Fleece yarns in the cooperative craft project.

Akua’s a remarkable young woman in many ways, in fact. You can read more about her creative spirit at Zen Crochet, and see her crochet creations at the akuadesigns Etsy shop.

By the way, she’s giving away this original crochet pattern –  find the free download at Ravelry – because she wants to encourage its use in peace projects of any kind. Please respect her intentions, and don’t resell her pattern or the doves you make from it? Karma, baby… and the peace doves will love you for doing the right thing.

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  1. (!!)

    ruoya emosewa Ms.HOPE !! your awesome!!

  2. ()

    I love your work! I’m doing a report on you at my school and everyday I find it more fasinating and exquisite. Your art is beautiful. I hope to become successful with art like you!! =) If you can contact me by email I would be so thankful!! I need a bit of help on my report because I can not find any information about you, yourself, only the work you have done! Please and Thank You!! I’m sorry, if you don’t like people questions, because I have a lot of them!! I know that some people don’t like being asked a bunch of questions, I would know, I’m one of them!! But I would like to know more about you!!


  3. Akua

    Thank you so much for mentioning Hope’s Birds, spreading the word and encouraging peace. That all be well.

  4. kayellen

    What a darling project!!
    Happy New Year Canadian friend:)
    Hope you have a wonderful New happy we met in blogland!


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