The only thing as cool as a playhouse made of milk jugs is probably a cardboard castle that you can make yourself, then paint up in faux-stone effects to look like the real medieval thing!

How to build a cardboard castle:

photo booth castle - instructablesFirst, get yourself 8 of those big cardboard boxes that refrigerators come in. You may be able to get your boxes for free, and even how to cut them down properly to bring home in a small car.

Then, you just follow the step-by-step instructions for cutting it out. There are plenty of clear illustrations to keep the project on track…

In fact, if you’ve ever put together an IKEA bookshelf from all those mysterious pieces, there’ll be no trick to building a castle from cardboard boxes!

My brothers were similarly inspired by plans found in an old Boy’s Life magazine, back in February 1967 — and you may be inspired by someone close to you, if your inner child is allowed to have its way!

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    hey i have a project to do aboat making a medieval castle

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