Fitted sheets are an invention of wondrous convenience when you’re making the bed, but not so much on laundry day!

We’ve all got the one clever friend who really knows how to fold a fitted sheet — flip, tuck, fluff, fold, and hey-presto! Elastic corners are tucked out of sight, and the recalcitrant fitted sheet’s now a tidy little well-behaved rectangle, ready to put away in the linen closet with its neat little flat-sheet buddies…

I’ve poked around YouTube a good deal, looking for help, but most of the instructional videos for folding fitted sheets aren’t really all that clear, or the results aren’t as good as we’d really like, if you’re going to go to all that bother.

Finally, however, my newlywed pal Katelynn discovered The Perfect How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Video Tutorial:

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Okay, now take a deep breath and just watch that first part again, where she’s putting the corners together. The whole trick is in getting all four corners of the sheet tucked inside each other, the way the video shows. Grab a fitted sheet to play along while you watch this, and you’ll find you quickly get the hang of it.

Also, yay for the beautiful white-haired calm and capable Granny-type lady who makes you feel like, hell yeah! — oops, sorry Gran — we can do this stupid chore. No fitted sheet is going to go unfolded around here from now on, gol’dang it!

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