A pop-up photograph has a lot of the same appeal, for me, as a shadow box or diorama.

Wouldn’t it be fun to make a 3-d holiday display from family photos and bits of festive embellishments — ribbons, glitter, tiny ornaments, maybe a bit of angel-hair faux snow?

And then tuck the whole display into a glass-fronted shadow box…

Too much?
Go for a simple flat photo frame, then, and let the pop-out elements add their own special interest to the picture.

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If you look carefully at one of those fabulous pop-up books that we knew and loved in childhood, you’ll see that the secret of the three-dimensional effect is a fold and two straight cuts, to make a pop-up box that sticks out from the main page or photo. This is what you’ll glue the individual cut-out elements onto, to make them stand out.

Another thing I love about this craft is that you probably have everything you need to do it, on hand, right now:

  • Scissors or a craft knife
  • Glue
  • Several copies of the same photograph (so you can cut them up)
  • Cardboard (recycle an old cereal box?) to stiffen the back of the photo if you’re going to display the work as a stand-up piece on a shelf or table top.

Hey, what about making your pop-up photograph into a greeting card?

Truly, a unique way to send your holiday wishes and share a special memory with friends and family…

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  1. LA

    That’s brilliant! I find doing stuff like this a bit ‘therapeutic’ because it requires your concentration and creativity. Thanks Jen :)

  2. Joey

    I love the personal greeting card idea. . . .I think I might do this for a Christmas card for my Nan!

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