When you’re looking for a craft tutorial, nothing’s better than a good clear how-to video. This one, from Rochelle Dahl, shows a simple way to make polymer beads. The project is easy enough for beginners and kids, but the results — as the video shows — can be stunning and quite sophisticated.

Tutorial Summary:
Polymer clay is formed into a ball, pierced with a needle, and pressed between a pair of matching stamps to texturize it on all sides. (One key tip is to use talcum powder or cornstarch to prevent the clay from sticking to your tools.) Bake the beads in a toaster oven and then, as Rochelle says, the fun part begins! Using craft paints, colour and decorate your polymer beads in any way that your imagination suggests.

Jo Brooks (of Lampwork Art, where I discovered this bead-making video) reports that she tried this with her kid a few days ago, and the family bead-making project was a great success.

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  1. domestika

    Hi Cindy, so glad you stopped by! If your step-daughters are into crafts and making things, I think you’ll find some fun ideas here and there – take a skim through my Arts & Crafts section. :)

  2. Cindy King

    Hi Jen,

    My first visit here
    …and you are already tempting me to leave my desk and go do something fun!

    Making beads – Will have to come back here when my step-daughters are with us.

    Gotta go check out the other stuff you have here.

    Cindy King
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