Jefferson Brass Virginia BlowpokeWhen it’s cold enough outside to freeze, um, a brass monkey, sometimes all a girl wants to do is stoke up that fireplace and cosy up to a Significant Other with a snifter o’ cognac.

But what if the fire won’t start, or keeps dying out?
Way to kill a romantic mood!

How to Re-Kindle a Dying Fire? …Just Put Your Lips Together and Blow

New to me, this brass Blow Poker looks like a darned fine idea. A combination of bellows and poker, hand cast in solid brass, “Virginia’s Blowpipe” (from Jefferson Brass) comes equipped with the essential hardware to easily mount it on any wall or mantel.

Simply blow through the mouthpiece, pointing the poker at the base of the embers, and watch your fire instantly re-ignite!

Now I’ve lit the occasional fire in my day, and this just looks like a darned fine idea. Less of the unattractive puffing and panting with red face to the fire, ashes flying up your nose, eyes watering and hair frizzling (if not bursting into flames — go with the non-flammable hair products in the wintertime!) … more of the hot hot romance…

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