Who doesn’t secretly love the I Can Haz Cheezburger LOLcats?


Knowing that my refrigerator is a veritable gallery of photographs begging for enhancement, the delightful DJ has just given me a package of I Can Has Cheez Burger fridge magnets. Just think of the fun to be had — make your own captions for the photos displayed on the front of the fridge, adding yet more enjoyment to those illicit late-night raids for snackage!

Lolspeak poetry magnets let you write lolspeak in the real world! This is a set of 110 magnets in a nice little clear plastic I Can Has Cheezburger? logo case. Each word is handcrafted on a computer (likely a Mac). The font is the classic white Impact with black outline. Srsly.

LOLspeak magnets at the LOLcats storeThe LOLcats store is all sold out of these irresistable fridge magnets right at the moment, but you can ask the Kitteh to send you an email when they’re back in stock.
Update (24 October 2008): Lolmart.com has the LOLspeak Poetry Magnets listed again now: $11.99 will get you a box. And you know you want ’em!

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