Sailboats - idea for nautical theme bedroom decor
I think I mentioned working on a nautical theme custom bedroom for a new client?

Well, the project is going along nicely — it’s one-of-a-kind per my contract, so I can’t share photographs of the room — but what I can do is share some of the great nautical, beach, and boat-theme stuff I found while sourcing materials and accessories for it.

Lighthouse - idea for nautical theme bedroom decorTo start with, check out Hot Flamingo’s Sailboat in natural wood with cotton fiber sails — and Light-Up Lighthouse, a really differentpiece that I came this close to ordering up. (We decided at the last moment to go with a lighthouse mural, with the light actually set into the wall — very cool indeed, if I do say so!)

Let’s tag this, oh, Home Decor | Nautical Theme.

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  1. Home accessories passionate

    I love nautical home accessories! I have even a boat mat at my home. And a lot of small boats all over the house! I would be very happy to have such light-up lighthouse lamp at my living room :)

  2. domestika

    Jaki, hi – so glad you like.
    Actually, I think you’ll find more ideas here that work pretty well for people “from Canada” ;) if you want to take a couple minutes to look around…
    And please don’t get me started (yet again) on the Canadian climate!!

  3. Jaki - home decor

    I love the beach theme! I’m from Canada so our summer season is pretty short. Also with all the mass produced “box” houses made nowadays, we need to add some neat ideas to our homes to make them look original. The Nautical theme is a favorite for sure.

  4. Andie Ro

    I love nautical themed gifts. I have many lighthouses and beach themed items in my home. I even have found a Lighthouse Night Light. I feel incredibly relaxed just sitting in the room gazing at my collection of nautical decora items. My home is my sanctuary and I have decorated to remind me of the beach. Thank you for all of the ideas.


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