IKEA 2008 Catalog IKEA’s catalogue for 2008 is out — save a tree and read it online if you haven’t already got it in the mail — full of all those home furnishing items that are so unmistakeably IKEA…

My only quibble with IKEA is just that, actually — that it always looks like IKEA. Haven’t we all walked into a room, somewhere, and immediately known that someone had been shopping the Swedish superstore?

It doesn’t do to be a full-blown IKEA snob, however, because a quick look at the catalogue will show a lot of good ideas for small living spaces. And you can always take a hint from IKEA Hacker — take the best of the basic units and give it your own individual spin.

PAX FEVIK wardrobe - IKEAMeanwhile, from the new catalogue, here are a few sharp items to make the most of a space-starved apartment…

  1. The PAX FEVIK wardrobe combination with three doors in oak effect and tempered glass — frames, doors, handles and hinges included. The translucent cupboard doors will help to hide the clutter, but don’t have the same solid space-hogging effect as a solid closet door would do.
  2. Organizing and Storage solutions - IKEA For a home office, or to organize your hobby and craft supplies, there’s no end of containers and storage units to mix and match.

    Here, the distinctive “IKEA look” plays in your favour — a collection of boxes and bins will always look more tidy than a mish-mash of dollar-store finds in different styles and shapes. Tuck them all in a fitted cabinet, and you’ve got instant organization — yet the stored stuff is readily at hand when you need it.
      MUDDUS drop-leaf table - IKEA

  3. Drop-leaf tables are showing up in a lot of stores again, I’ve noticed. And no wonder — it’s always been a practical solution for small spaces.

    The MUDDUS drop-leaf table in foil finish and powder-coated steel caught my eye for the shot of bright green it brings to a crisp white kitchen. “Blend it in with wall shelves at the same height for one long wall of storage,” IKEA suggests, when the table is not in use for dining.

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  1. domestika

    Graçias, Joaquín.

    No hablo español muy bien, pero estoy alegre que usted ha dado el Catálogo Ikea 2008 para mis lectores españoles.

    (Babel Fish Translation me ayuda un poco!)

    ;) Jen

  2. domestika

    You know, Holly, we really should get a brownie point for ‘good intentions’ just from browsing for ideas… maybe it’s not as strenuous as putting together a jigsaw puzzle piece of furniture out of a box, but at least we’re exercising our imagination muscles!!

    Thanks so much for visiting me!
    :) Jen

  3. You nailed it! :) I love looking through the ideas that come in catalogs…somehow I never make it the complete conversion of acutally getting the stuff….LOL


  4. domestika

    You did a bit of an IKEA thing in your home office overhaul, didn’t you, Rob? I do think IKEA’s a gift for that venue… Must go check out your home improvement pages and refresh my memory…

  5. Rob O.

    Oh heck, I missed the part of your post where you had already mentioned IkeaHacker. I guess i was blinded by the 2008 catalog photos!

  6. Rob O.

    Be sure to check out IkeaHacker for ideas on how to jazz up your already cool Ikea furnishings.

  7. I won’t hear a word against Ikea. I love it, though the idea of distinguishing my Ikea stuff from someone else’s does appeal ;)

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