French Country iron rooster ornament Oh, Tuscany!
Oh, Provence!
Think of warm sunlight on blue water and ancient fresco, of heavy-hanging bunches of rich purple grapes, of graceful black cast-iron brackets curling beneath a painted shelf of rustic pottery…

It’s a little more sophisticated and understated than the checkered-tablecloth American country decorating style, but Modern European Country still relies on the use of clear bright colours in play against warm white and natural wood.

This means to make the trans-Atlantic move with your own country kitchen can be a gradual and affordable update.

“Less is more” is absolutely key to updating the country decorating style. Instead of displaying a full bouquet of dried flowers, for example, see what a single perfect fresh blossom will do for a room, or a simple bowl of fresh fruit.

Switch out (most of) the tole-painted and cross-stitched accessories for folk art with a sleek sculptural flair, like an iron rooster from Country Porch — but do keep the objets to a minimum.

Plaids and floral fabrics are better left to accents, in favour of unprinted but textured fabrics in jewel tones or warm naturals.

Clean lines and an uncluttered look is what you’re aiming for, so each aspect of the room, each accessory, can be appreciated for itself.

Relaxing, welcoming, easy-going… all the things a country-style home should be, whichever country it is that you’re calling home!

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