Now there’s no excuse for feeling that life might be drab, dull, routine, or lacking in creativity — not when a Jar of Whimsies could be yours! One Good Bumblebee kindly scours the world for vintage trinkets and whimsical treasures, and packs them into delightful surprise-pack jars.

…a crafter’s new best friend, a treasure lover’s dream come true, and a collector’s jack pot!

The 30-ounce plastic jars (3.75″ x 6.25″) are packed with over 100 whimsy-filled items to make the crafter’s heart beat fast, such as:Jar of Whimsies craft supplies

  • vintage cotton spun mushrooms
  • ribbon
  • gold foil leaves
  • miniature toys
  • vintage costume jewelry
  • wooden spools
  • vintage lace
  • clothespins
  • typewriter keys
  • jingle bells
  • vintage marbles
  • glass vials
  • millinery supplies
  • vintage beads
  • sugared fruits
  • antique skeleton keys
  • vintage game pieces
  • watch parts
  • glass glitter, imported from Germany
  • foil dresdens
  • vintage swizzle sticks
  • charms
  • and so much more…

Each individual Jar of Whimsies is different, so when you get one its actual contents will come as a delightful surprise!

They look gorgeous placed on a mantle or among a stack of books on a shelf. Or you can pour everything out and have the time of your life digging through your loot. You won’t find junk in these jars. We fill each one with things we hope will inspire you and ultimately remind you to find happiness in life’s littlest treasures.

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