kittypod cardboard designer cat bed
If you happen to be lucky enough to be owned by a cat, you’ll know how much the furry little demons like to tuck themselves up for sleep. Kittypod is an “environmentally thoughtful design” by Elizabeth Paige Smith, but I think a cat had its fine paw in the planning.

The elevated cat bed is multi-ply cardboard construction up top, with all non-toxic adhesives, on a maple wood base for stability.

The curved egg-shape pod creates an interior form-fitting bed for cats of all sizes. The texture of the corrugated cardboard provides a surface that is soft, breathable and durable for scratching, making the Kittypod the absolute choice nesting spot.

I can’t think of anything else that might tempt Cat Himself away from trying to stuff his entire 15-pound bulk into a standard Kleenex box for a nap.

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