How fast can you knit?

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is comin’ up on September 19, so if you want to have the pirate gear ready for when the party sets sail… it’s high time to up anchor!

Knit up a skull-enhanced pair of Arrrgyle socks — grab the free knitting pattern from Moth Heaven — and be the envy of all your mates.

More free patterns for Pirate-theme knitting projects:

Captain Jack Sparrow - Johnny Depp - knitting chart

DIY Knitting Charts

Want to turn your own images into charts for knitting motifs?

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See 3 Easy Ways to Chart a Knitting Pattern for cheap and easy tools to do just that — including a free online knitting pattern generator!

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  1. Starlit

    If you are interested in pirates, here is a link that you may be interested in. It’s about Jean Lafitte the pirate. He was a pirate during the 18th century in the Gulf of Mexico.

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