Thai lace horses - VivaTerra
Browsing around VivaTerra, just now… I seem to have been swept away by a pair of wild ceramic lace horses.

Look at those stocky strong figures — don’t they remind you of cave drawings, somehow? And then the dainty lace decoration on the surface of the sculptures is such a striking contrast to the primitive figures of the horses.

“In the Thai zodiac,” says the VivaTerra blurb, “horses represent independence, confidence, and inquisitiveness — engaging qualities that these animals also express along with a mythical beauty all their own.” Oh yes.

These horses are ceramic figurines, and I can’t tell how the lace is applied… but now I’m thinking, is there a papier mache project here? Papier mache horses, dark colours and solid forms, with a final layer of gently smoothed-on vintage lace (old tablecloth in the bottom drawer, maybe?), all delicate and surprising.

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  1. chaplainandrews

    You those are pretty cool. I like the darker colors–they would look cool in a nice mahogany office.

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