faucet lightTransform an ordinary water tap into a stream of mystical crystal-blue light, with the Faucet Light that installs in less than 1 minute on most standard taps.

Turn the water on, the light goes on! Water off, light turns off, too!

It’s all done with an internal pressure switch that activates a long-lasting bright blue LED light, hooked up to a fully enclosed battery pack. Batteries not included, as the saying goes, but what do you expect for $12?

Fun and functional for a kid’s bathroom, but even better to add excitement to your wet bar or kitchen sink when you throw a cocktail party!

Or if you want a little mood lighting while you brush your teeth…

Even better, Perpetual Kid also offers a temperature controlled faucet light that changes color (blue to red) as the water temperature goes from cold to hot. For $20, that practically counts as a home-safety essential!

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  1. domestika

    Hi there eyebee, yes, it really is extrememly cool, isn’t it? You can find both versions of the Faucet Light at http://www.PerpetualKid.com, online, not sure which physical stores might carry it…

  2. Eyebee

    OK, this looks cool. I’m going to go see where I can get one of these!

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