inexpensive personal emergency kit Stuff happens. Fire, flood, storm, general mayhem… not fun to think about, but like the Boy Scouts say, it’s best to be prepared.

Face an emergency with this compact grab-and-go emergency kit at your side. Food, water, and warmth in the form of a high-efficiency lightweight thermal blanket: the essentials of life for three full days of self-sufficient survival. It’s made in the USA and US Coast Guard Approved, with a five-year shelf life on the water packs and rations. $24.95 at Life+Gear.

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  1. domestika

    Actually, according to Emergency Measures here in Canada (and no doubt in the USA as well) your friend is doing the right thing.

    It makes sense when you think about it. How much of your life do you spend at work?

    Having an emergency kit tucked away at home is not much good if, for example, a severe storm hits when you’re miles away in cubicle land…

    I’m with your friend on this one, Danette!

  2. danette

    Something we should all consider. However I know someone who is paranoid about things like that. He literally carries a backpack version of that emergency kit EVERYWHERE with him – including bringing it to work every single day.

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