As you may have gathered by now, I’m all in favour of planning a room arrangement on paper, first, especially when it comes to shoving a heavy armoire around. Scale models or furniture templates are essential to interior design. But life-sized templates? That’s a new one on me!

DIY Furniture Templates - Design It YourselfI haven’t had a chance to try out samples yet, mind you, so can’t give a review based on firsthand experience — but the basic idea is certainly a good one.

And, what with the holiday home-makeover season rushing up upon us, I decided just to put the word out about the DIY site and let you explore for yourself!

Here’s what the company has to say about its light-weight, life-sized, reusable templates — and I must say that the first paragraph is totally reading my mind:

“Furniture Templates” From Design Yourself Interiors, Inc.
Are An Affordable And Useful Holiday Gift for Home

New “furniture templates” from Design Yourself Interiors Inc. are the perfect holiday gift for anyone remodeling or moving into a house, condo or apartment. Get a perfect fit for all furniture and fixtures in every room in the house, condo or apartment before making any expensive purchases.

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Top interior design firms nationwide have been using DYI templates to accurately plan every room in their clients’ homes — and now these professional, lightweight, life-sized and re-usable “templates” are available to consumers. Great for designing or remodeling the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, nursery, home office or patio.

DYI templates are the creation of two high-end interior designers turned entrepreneurs — Kathy Wagner and Melody Davidson.

“We are delighted that our DYI templates are now available to consumers and make both an affordable and useful holiday gift,” said Kathy Wagner, co-founder of Design Yourself Interiors, Inc. “For only $30 our DYI templates bring all the expertise of a high-end interior designer into every room in a consumer’s home. Our product will save time, money, and hopefully the heartache that comes with the realization that the wrong piece or size of furniture was purchased.”

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