Check out this sleek laptop bag from Rainebrooke!

Lightweight, padded, with adjustable straps — the description reads like a bra ad , did you notice?

Except maybe for the bit about it having a back pocket… and the bit about it being convenient for airport security checks…

I can’t believe it’s only $24.95, on sale right now. Comes in two shades of pink, red, a springy kind of green that I find myself strangely attracted to… and a sober olive-green for those pin-striped males who shun fashion colors. (Hey, yeah, Father’s Day is coming up, isn’t it?)

Bonus points for Rainebrooke’s laptop bag — it comes personally recommended by the thrifty L.C. at Fortyish is Fab. “I am currently traveling,” she says, “and love this bag more every day.”

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  1. domestika

    There, see? LOL – she really does love it, I’m not making this up! I’m dropping hints all over the place about this, myself, what with ahem! my birthday coming up next month… ;-)

  2. Anonymous

    Hey that’s me ‘yur talkin’ bout!!! And I do love my new pink laptop bag–thanks for the plug : )


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