I’ll spare you the rant about how cold it’s been this winter, and how the wind never stops blowing, and how my hands are now a permanent frost-bitten mottled white and purple (not attractive at the best of times), and just say this…

If this cold weather keeps up, I’m investing in a Lippi Selk Bag.  Yes, a wearable full-body big poofy sleeping bag. You read that right. Fashion, shashion – I’m staying toasty.

Dental appointment?
Client meeting?
Night out with friends?

Sure… but I’m coming dressed as the Abominable Michelin Snow Man, but in tasteful eco-khaki green instead of white.

Warm is the New Black. 

Picture it. I’ll make one last half-frozen parka-wrapped dash down to the post box to grab my package, scuttle back home and rip into the wrapper, clamber into the sleeping-bag-suit… and never come out until spring. (Except for the call of nature, of course: you gotta unzip and pull down for that — they even say so in the FAQ.)

Fashion, thy name is padded comfort!  

Laugh if you will, but I’m declaring a whole new Nordic fashion trend… and I’ll be the only one who’s not standing about turning blue from the cold.  Selk Bag, babe.  You know you want one.

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  1. Anne Maybus

    We have the other extreme here. We have broken our record for the hottest number of days in a row. I wonder if they could make one that will cool instead of keep you cosy?

  2. Celine Jalbert

    Hi Jen,
    I am enjoying your blog very much. Especially your blog posts about getting through winter. I live in New Hampshire and we have certainly had a winter that may go down in history.
    When you live in an exceptionally cold climate warmth takes priority over fashion. Although I do like to look fashionable–
    As a child, what I liked most about winter was coming into a warm house that smelled of baked goods and chocolate.
    Your writing takes me back to those days.

  3. Ching Ya

    I don’t mind dressing up like a dumpling or a Godzilla in a winter. I did once while I was in Japan, and friends gave me a “Is it really that cold??” look, I don’t bother at all. It’s freaking cold! Still, only the camera could get me off the cozy jacket and giggling while squeezing out the unnatural..’Cheese!!’..

  4. domestika

    Cosy Godzilla — I like that, Deb!
    DJ, how did you know I was (half) thinking of you?

  5. The Actual DJ

    I wish I’d had one of this this weekend. As some of you know, my furnace konked out Friday night, and was not working until Tuesday afternoon. Mmmm. Snuggly.

  6. Deb

    He looks like Godzilla! Nice cozy warm Godzilla, I’m sure…

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