Whoa, talk about totally psychedelic!

Blab Italia’s modular liquid floor tiles change color under pressure as you move across the room…

Walking on them creates play and movement of light stimulating sensations of nature and atmosphere. The Mono-chromatic tiles leaves a diminishing ray of colors tones the memory trace of a footprint behind. The Bi-chromatic tile stimulates play with colors and forms in continuous evolution. Walking on a LIVING FLOOR stimulates memories of nature like walking a sandy beach or across a green pasture.

Imagine the Living Floor in combination with those color-changing glass tiles I wrote about earlier, the ones that are heat-activated to look like some kind of a dream-blurry psychedelic weather map in action.

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It’s an incredibly cool concept, with great implications for commercial and haute-design use, but for a home…? Could you see it?

[H/T to Chrisjob ]

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  1. domestika

    Yeah, it’d be perfect for your home disco!

  2. StaceyR

    I could see these floor tiles in my home because I often strut around in my sweatpants and viva las vegas heels similar to those in the picture.

  3. silken

    pretty cool!

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