Who puts the sunshine in your day? The good energy that keeps a girl going in tough times doesn’t need to be a big deal. A big boost can come with one small bright gesture from a thoughtful other…

Today — why, what a lovely surprise! — like a cross-blogosphere hug from the warm-hearted and incredibly complimentary Anne (The Tall Poppy), it’s a Schmoozer Award

Trust Anne to put a positive spin on my habit of leaving long (and usually frivolous) comments all over the web!

I’m going to just set it right over here on my “Look At These On Dark Days” shelf, beside Sharon’s recent gift, the Rockin Girl Blogger badge. She’s the brains (and I do mean brains) behind the Get Paid to Write Online blog, by the way, a fine writer who kills seven deadlines at one blow…

Both Anne and Sharon are very cool people who are all about helping others to be the best they can, to dream big, and to reach for those dreams.

About that “Look At These On Dark Days” shelf…
we all need one, don’t you think?

Just a place to display those small reminders that Life is Good Because of the Good People In It, no matter what other crap the world may choose to toss into your lap from time to time…

In my case, this week, the aforementioned crap includes too much frustrating computer stuff, and a half-dozen grape vines that I can’t seem to get time to plant in between the thunderstorms, and a poor dear old dog who can’t sleep through the night anymore without being carried downstairs and outdoors…

But we won’t go there.

Not today.

Today, it’s a lovely summer weekend day, here in the land of salt breezes and rocks and forests and rolling hayfields. The sun is shining, the laundry is blowing on the line in a gentle breeze, my honeybees are gently humming in the sweet clover… and there’s a good chance I may actually finish up today’s “real world work” in time to go out and get those grape vines planted!

Do you know any bloggers with a knack for making you feel good, with just a word of encouragement or a simple comment in passing? Tell me, who puts the sunshine in your day?


25 July 2007 :
Oh, nice!

Another addition to the happy shelf.

It’s an Inspirational Blogger award from generous Anne Maybus, who is herself a darned inspirational blogger, for my little story called Storm Warning

And here, 6 August 2007, a dazzling pretty from Dazzlin Donna, who says DG has made her feel “like I could actually be a domestik goddess while being mostly goddess, and not so much ‘domestik’.”

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  1. domestika

    Stacey, you wrote the book (blog) on snappy, I think! So glad you stopped by — I am already a huge fan of your writing, totally hooked by those Raccoon Chronicles but all agog to know how the Critter Blaster worked (or not). Our own raccoons are getting desperately cheeky!

  2. stacey

    First visited right around the time of that intriguing toilet seat post. I’m all for how you keep it consistently snappy. As are others, apparently. You’re like prime time now with all these awards. Congrats.

  3. Amber

    Yes, she is. She’s a bit handier with the papercrafts than I am, while I am better at sewing.

    Thanks so much, You are a delightful person.

  4. domestika

    Amber, it’s great that you have such a tight relationship with your sister, no matter how far apart you might be… you two are close in all the ways that matter, it sounds like. Is she the other half of the porfavoray craft twins, I wonder?

  5. Amber

    Who puts the sunshine in my day?

    My sister does.

    My sister who is all the way across the country right now (sob, sob) because I moved away and left her last month.

    No more shall I wake up to her noisemaking (I being a nocturnal beast, she being relentlessly cheery in the godforsaken wee hours of the morning). No more shall I go to movies with her and then make fun of the ridiculous characters on the way home.

    Alas and alack, I am forced to resort to blog entries and phone calls only on the weekends(expenses, my dears!).

    Le sigh.

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