Hudson Furniture teak tree stump Tree stumps have long been a staple of casual — even impromptu — outdoor furniture.

Now they’re moving indoors.

It’s another aspect of the continuing strong trend for elements of nature in interior design and home decor.

In fact, tree stumps seem to be turning up everywhere, whether in their natural form or in a more polished version, even as a hand-crafted representation — and put to use as occasional tables and stools and pedestals and bases for glass-topped table… the possibilities are literally unlimited.

On the up-market end, Hudson Furniture shows a line of tree stumps ranging from a gorgeous natural teak stump to an intriguing collection of petrified wood stumps with colourful striations created by the passage of time.

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mxyplyzyk tree stump Or mxyplyzyk offers hand-carved stumps from the trunks of discarded Chinese fir trees, each one a unique piece of functional art in its own right.

DFC ceramic tree stump And DFC goes a different route, with a tree-stump-inspired ceramic version, hand-glazed in bold modern lime-green or sculptural white.

Having lost a huge old maple tree in the past year, I’m looking at these stump stools and tables with a special interest.

Instead of trying to compost that giant tree stump, perhaps I should be thinking in terms of a new coffee table — natural spalled maple with a lovely smooth hand-rubbed finish?

[H/T to Moco Loco and Kingdom of Style]

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  1. peggy

    i would love to receive some tips and pictures on a stump left only 4 inches from ground. we will be doing zeriscope in a sloping yard, with this stump left right in the middle of the slope. dont know where to start?????
    thanks so much for any ideas??

  2. Sharon Merkel

    I have a beautiful red hued pertified wood stump that has been in my rock garden for 25 years. We may be moving and think it will be sold. Maybe somewhere there is a home decorator who’d love it in their abode?

  3. Linda Martin

    I’m amused at the thought of people paying for these tree stumps. Almost 40 years ago I had a boyfriend who brought several indoors for furnishings. He carved one of them. Now I live in a forest and we burn firewood for winter heating. My world is full of tree stumps. Normally we use one outside for putting the firewood on, to chop kindling. I’ve been needing a new coffee table, however, so I’ll consider one for my living room. It would fit right in with the rest of my rustic decor.

  4. Ken

    I think you’re on to something with “re-purposing” your maple stump… sounds lovely… and it would really add personal aspect to any interior…

    hmmm… that dogwood is looking a little weak…

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