Lighting accounts for a whopping 20% of all energy use in the United States, and I can’t imagine that it’s any less so up here in Canada, where our winter days are even darker and shorter.

And I forget how many northern North Americans have been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder — sometimes called the “winter blues” — as a result of short day length and lack of sunlight. But there are a lot of us in that boat, believe me!

For the past four years or so, I’ve had a “light therapy” lamp over my desk, and now can’t see ever going without one. On dark days, or when I’m feeling rather sleepy and stupid, it gets my brain focussed and keeps the proverbial “black cloud” from settling over my head!

And that’s why I took a very personal interest in this press release from Nature Bright, about a new lamp that helps to cut energy bills and to lift those winter blues, both at once!

Nature Bright CO., Cuts Energy Bills With New LED Reading Lamp and Light Therapy Product

Rising energy costs are on everyone’s mind. Consumers are more aware not only of fuel price increases but also the need for long term energy solutions. Companies like NatureBright® are leading the way by incorporating therapeutic LED light technology into home table lamps. These LED light bulbs consume significantly less energy, last much longer, and provide direct light therapy treatments to alleviate symptoms of jet lag and winter depression.

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) — “Home lighting can become much more efficient than it is now,” describes Joshua Chen, CEO and President of NatureBright home health and wellness light therapy products. “LED bulbs consume 90% less energy than regular bulbs and last 20 times longer. This produces a significant savings for home and office. In addition, LED lighting gives off a brighter clearer light that is easy on the eyes and has direct therapeutic benefits. I believe LED technology will revolutionize home light systems.”

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As Chen describes, the growing popularity of LED lighting is not only its efficiency and cost effectiveness but its therapeutic potential. Full spectrum LED light has been proven to alleviate symptoms of jet lag, Seasonal Affective Disorder, post-partum depression, and other conditions. It is safe, non-invasive, and now available outside of a clinical setting through products like NatureBright’s Inspiration™ Table Lamp.

LED lamp for reading and SAD light therapyThe way light therapy works is simple. An individual sits in front of a full spectrum LED lamp for 15-30 minute periods on a daily basis. The body responds to the gentle light by recalibrating its internal clock or circadian rhythms. This offsets disruptions in body cycles created by unsettling circumstances like night shift work or long distance travel.

“We designed the Inspiration™ Therapy Lamp to meet a variety of home lighting needs. We made it attractive and versatile so it could easily blend in with home or office décor,” describes Chen. “It produces a light that is highly beneficial for reading and close work. Its special functions, though, do far more than a regular table lamp. It offers portable home therapy lighting that can produce measurable results. We are committed to improving people’s health and well being through common home light products and the Inspiration™ Lamp is one of our most versatile offerings yet.”

What makes this lighting product unique? The Inspiration™ Lamp works as a Natural Light Alarm Clock, simulating the gradually increasing light of the sunrise. This formula has been shown to help lull the body into more even, restful sleep cycles. Useful for insomnia, fitful sleep, and difficulties waking in the morning, the Natural Light Alarm Clock has no negative side effects and can address sleep problems without chemicals or medication.

The lamp also converts from a reading lamp to a full light therapy lamp through its multidirectional swivel arm and pivot head. An easy adjustment turns the lamp head to bathe the face evenly in therapeutic light. A daily exposure has been shown to relieve symptoms of shift work fatigue, post-partum depression, winter blues, and jet lag. It is one of the most soothing ways to support the body’s natural processes and help combat the kind of stress our hectic 24/7 schedules create.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and our current energy crunch is helping forward-looking companies like NatureBright® design revolutionary features for one of our most basic home items—the common table lamp.

Consider adding the Inspiration™ Table Lamp to your home, office, or weekend getaway house. Use energy efficient lighting and simultaneously combat jet lag, insomnia, or mild depression. It is on sale for $169.95 plus shipping and handling. Visit for more information.

About NatureBright: Founded in 2001, NatureBright® specializes in LED-based home health and beauty care products. Originally aimed at the treatment of SAD and winter blues, NatureBright® products now also assist individuals with mood and cognitive problems, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), post-partum depression, jet lag, shift work fatigue, and certain types of insomnia. Our mission is to bring safe, effective, and innovative products to market and help people lead happier and healthier lives.

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