If anyone you know and love is still hooked on cigarettes, go ahead, let them know how you feel about smoking!

Why not, when you can display your healthful message on the coffee table, as a strangely elegant ashtray in the shape of a pair of pristine lungs?

Finding Cheska‘s lung ashtray might even inspire your loved one to quit smoking… At the very least, it’s a decorative way for you to nag!

[via Newbrigand]

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  1. domestika

    Rhea, I’m so sorry for your loss! That must have been so difficult.

    I wonder how many of us, as kids, begged our folks to stop smoking… and coughed & gagged ostentatiously whenever they lit up! It took my father many years to kick the habit, we’re so grateful that he’s still around.

  2. Rhea

    That is extremely clever. I wish I had one when I was a kid trying to get my parents to stop smoking. Alas, they both died in their fifties!

  3. domestika

    Too bad the clever concept can’t be universally extended, eh?

    I mean, really, who’d eat fiery-hot chili out of a dish that was shaped like a large intestine?

    Okay, maybe my 2nd-cousin Brandon…
    and Homer Simpson…

  4. thinista

    OMG that is so fantastic…I want one!!

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