Here’s a quick and useful DIY project, a perfect gift idea for any book lover or student.

What sets this Multi-Page Bookmark apart is that it has 6 threads or ribbons, anchored together. You can mark several pages you’d like to refer back to, without juggling a half-dozen different bookmarks or using up your sticky notes. Bonus, it looks so very pretty with all those charms to decorate your book!

All of the (very few) required materials — thread or ribbon, charms or beads, and a Chinese coin or similar ring — can easily be found at low cost in a craft store or sewing store. Or you might want to use up those extra charms or beads that seem to collect… I’ve already got my craft supplies box out of the closet, ready to make up a batch of these bookmarks.

Truly, this is such an incredibly simple project, how-to instructions hardly seem needed — but you’ll find them at the ever-helpful DIY Planner, with nice clear step-by-step illustrations to show the way.

[via Lifehacker]

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  1. domestika

    That settles it, coach! This is what I’ll make my old Dad for a Father’s Day gift – so much more useful to a retired guy than yet another necktie!

  2. coach

    I like the look of that – I will send a link as a hint to the crafty people I know, maybe someone will make me one :)

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