autumn crafts - maple leaf roses I found this great craft idea last autumn, but just a few days too late to collect a bunch of autumn leaves while they were at their brilliant best colours. This year, it’s high on my to-do list! The big sugar maple out front is turning an incredible vibrant red just now…

In a superior step-by-step photographic tutorial, Natale shows how to make roses out of colorful autumn leaves — maple leaves, to be exact, perfect for us Canadians!

She gives a commentary, too, but the online translators can’t quite handle the task… Never mind, the photographs are enough to transcend any language barriers, speaking with the language of faux flowers!

autumn crafts tutorial - roses made from maple leaves Make a point to pick yourself some colourful maple leaves before they fall, so they’ll still be soft and pliable enough to fold up tightly. Or possibly it might help to treat them with just the tiniest bit of glycerine? Could try it both ways…

Just feel free to rake me up in a big sack and throw me on the compost pile, if I don’t get around to trying this fabulous autumn craft before the trees are bare!

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  1. sara

    i really like to make flowers with autumn leaves…………………..

  2. genevieve

    cette idée de roses est super
    mais je n’arrive pas à aller sur les instructionss
    pourriez vous me donner le lien direct
    merci de nous faire partager

  3. Doanthuc

    Hi Jen,

    I love this awesome idea.
    What a pity, I cannot find Autumn leaves for I live in a tropical place, no Autumn just Dry and Wet season. Hope I can find another leaves to make a rose bouquet like this tutorial.

    Doan Thuc

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