You know how you be get chatting with a friend, and suddenly you both just get silly? That’s what happened with Sue Clark and me, the other day. Not face to face, over a cold one after work — because Sue lives in Maine, where she reigns over Lighthouse News — but online, over at The upshot was that Sue came up with a new way to “get rich quick”… well, she explains it all here. Enjoy! ~Jen

How To Get Rich With Twitter

There are hundreds of blogs that start up every day with the dream of making money online by kicking back on a beach and letting the green roll in. They are inspired by such success stories as Chris Garrett, Darren Rowse and Jeremy Shoemaker, all of whom make a comfortable online living from their blogs. Of course, it’s only a dream for those hundreds of hopefuls, as it really is hard work to get to the level of earning more than a pittance from your blog. And they are laden with Google adsense ads, have no original content, and are really spammy blogs.

And then there’s Jen, our very own Domestik Goddess.

Online Betting Moves To Twitter

One day, Jen (aka @rjleaman on Twitter) tweets about an interesting post she found on Squawkfox entitled Recipe: Strawberry and Banana Green Smoothie. I think I will just switch to our conversation from that point. I’m @lighthousenews in this conversation.

@rjleaman: Reading: Spinach in fruit smoothie – who’s up to try it?
@lighthousenews: Ewwwwwww. Sorry, but my taste buds say no to this one!
@rjleaman: what’ll you offer for me to try green smoothie for you? (I get to add cup o’ honey, right?)
@lighthousenews: I will bet $10 (virtual) that you won’t do it. But NO honey. As is only. Yuk.
@rjleaman: You’re on!
@lighthousenews: I want video proof. And at least 3 handfuls of spinach! And don’t forget the kale. NO honey!!!
@rjleaman: no video camera, but I’ve taken a pic – knew you’d demand proof! Greens no honey, check: had to snag last banana from HWHTPT
@lighthousenews: Pic of you sipping it. Facial expression included. Then I need your paypal address to pay up (willingly). :-)
@lighthousenews: P.S. Did you at least get a strawberry in it? *G*
@rjleaman: Fortunately, yes, did have the 3 frozen strawberries called for in the recipe. Followed it faithfully (but not bonus stuff)
@rjleaman: – @squawkfox calls this “Green Smoothie” but I’m calling it “Frog in a Blender” – and may drink one again sometime!
@lighthousenews: DM me your paypal address. I guess I lost. :( You are one brave woman! LOL!

Getting Healthy and Getting Rich

Multiply this by all your followers on Twitter and you can make a healthy living from this very creative online money making scheme. And a side benefit to it is the health benefits for your body. That is, unless you end up looking like Popeye®. On second thought, that might not be a bad idea:

@rjleaman: I had to hold the camera at arm’s length in my *left* hand, and try to aim by looking at the little LED screen’s reflection in the bathroom mirror… and drink down the frog smoothie at the same time. (The first twenty tries at a snapshot got deleted PDQ, believe it!)

Sue Clark has been interested in lighthouses since she was a little girl living on the Great Lakes of Michigan, and even more so after moving to Maine. She is a charter member of the Maine Lighthouse Museum, a docent and former secretary of the Friends of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse — where she was married in 2000 — and a member of the American Lighthouse Foundation. Sue blogs about her passion at Haunted Lighthouses and Lighthouse News.

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  1. domestika

    Okay, Kim – you’re next! :D

  2. Pinhole

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  3. Sue

    @Dan, @Chris and @Mitch: I agree. The only place spinach belongs is in a salad. Trust me. I have to give credit to Jen, though, for being a guinea pig for us. Although I still suspect she threw in a bit of honey. :)

  4. Dan

    I’m a visual kind of guy …. just can’t get past the green liquid.

    Then again, a few sweet strawberries can make almost anything taste yummy!

  5. Squawkfox

    @Chris In the same glass. The fruits sweeten the greens. The flavor is amazing.

  6. Chris Garrett

    I really need to increase my fruit and veg intake … but in the same glass? :@

  7. Mitchell Allen

    Jen, Fresh grapes pulverized in a juicer give a new meaning to slushy. Add celery and the effect on the tongue is like a fried egg and jelly sandwich.
    Actually, I don’t remember the taste, but I liked it.

    Let me just send the money to you now. I refuse to inhale leaves!
    Don’t even interpret THAT :)



  8. Squawkfox

    You all crack me up. Seriously. The picture of @rjleaman chugging the greens is priceless. Perhaps I’m strange but I find this beverage very tasty. I’ll add some kale when I feel more like a wild woman. :D

  9. domestika

    Wait a minute, Mitch — did you say grape and celery juice?
    Having a bit of trouble imagining that…

  10. domestika

    Double-dare you to try one yourself, Mitch! :D
    Actually, the “green smoothie” wasn’t too bad at all… More of the banana-and-strawberry taste to it than the spinach taste, fortunately. But I’m thinking that I really prefer my spinach in a nice frittata or maybe a salad, rather than a blender drink, all things being equal.

  11. Mitchell Allen

    The Juiceman never told me about this one!
    In fact, the only fruit/veggie blend I ever had was grape/celery.
    So, Jen, how did it taste?



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